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Sinus Penta Contact TS 247

5-Function, all-purpose inverter, up to 2000kW

Automation applications incorporated in the inverters of the SINUS PENTA series allow a simple and inexpensive management of SERVODIAMETERS, DRAWING MACHINES, MULTIPUMP systems, ELECTRICAL AXIS motor systems and MULTIPOSITIONERS.

SINUS PENTA’s five functions also allow to drive permanent- magnet, brushless asynchronous motors in V/F mode, Sensorless Vectorial control (open loop and closed loop) and closed-loop FOC.

SINUS PENTA may also operate in Regenerative mode, i.e. as an AC/DC converters for the DC supply of multiple converters. Mains power supply always provides sinusoidal currents and a unitary power factor.





Wide power supply voltage range, 200Vac÷690Vac
DC power supply range, 280÷970Vdc
Input frequency 50-60Hz
Power range 1,3 – 2000kW
Enclosure IP00, IP20, IP54

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Technical Specifications

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