We have had a long relationship with the Aerospace and Aeronautical industry.

From designing and building a rocket propulsion test bed system for the European Space satellite manoeuvring system. Which moves the satellite in to its orbit. The rocket motors have to be very accurate and moveable to allow for the siting in space of the satellite.

With our extensive Non Destruction Testing expertise we have been involved with Titanium and Aluminium component suppliers to companies such as GE, Rolls Royce, Boeing, Bombardier and to Air Bus . These have involved a different range of test tanks up to 30 Metres in length, and using the very latest testing processes.

hese systems can be found in companies such as Timet, ALCOA, Firth Rickson in the UK and also in the USA and France.
These systems use all of TS247 engineering skill sets.

Using 3D mechanical design and FET testing, Fabrication of the tanks and installation of robots, the design of the software for the Programmable Logic Controllers for the robots and motor drives.

TS247 fully trained personnel have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned these systems.

The systems are supplied with full documentation and calibration to UKCAS standards.

These integrated systems improve productivity and offer better reliability to the manufacturer.

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