Over the last 20 years, we supplied various Robotic Manufacturing Cells to many of the main car manufacturers in the UK.

With our ability to program most robot manufacturers systems, we are able to reprogram existing robots to carry out new functions by changing the manipulators and upgrading the program.

With our extensive range of motor drives, inverters and soft start devices, we can find a suitable solution to our clients’ manufacturing technical problems.

TS247 has deployed Robotic Manufacturing Cells for welding operations, fitting window screens and paint shops. Our equipment can be found in factories like Ford, Nissan, Honda, Vauxhall, Land Rover, Jaguar and Toyota throughout the UK.

We have also designed turnkey projects into the automotive supply chain, such as Guilford Europe who manufacture the interior roof for many manufactures. There systems have to be not only automated as much as possible, but also need to be versatile so that the shape can be changed for different models.

We perform our designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning with our in-house engineering team using mechanical and electrical engineers as well as PLC Programming of ALLAN BRADLEY PLC for whom we are a partner.

A similar project was undertaken for Ritter who manufactures the carpets used in many cars. The system required many of the same features as the Guilford Europe project, being able to reshape the carpet profile to accommodate any future design changes in the floor pan and seat spacing.

TS247 can also offer visual component recognition systems using the latest CCD cameras and Artificial Intelligence software.

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