Power Generation and T&D

TS247 has assisted in the build, construction and maintenance of generation halls, power stations and substation for Alstom, RWE International, British Energy and EDF. This work has allowed TS247 to develop a business format, unlike previous industry standards models. This has also included working closely with Alstom on generator testing, balancing and overspeed testing of large turbine rotors.

Jointing and Cabling

With expertise in EHV, HV and MV jointing, our jointing teams can work on several manufacturers joints including Pfisterer, Nexans and Prysmian. This also includes testing and verification.

Substation Interfacing

With our experience of RTU and SCADA systems, TS247 can design, develop, install and test a variety of Networked Control System (NCS) from small off-grid to full Network interfaces through either dedicated SCADA/DCS to simple PLC and SCADA systems.

Design Install Commission

For many years, TS247 has also had electromechanical and civil design capability using 3D CAD packages such as SolidWorks so we can design and compile both FEA and FEED studies, allowing the design and documentation to be produced before the manufacturing even starts.

Working at Rugeley Power Station TS247 designed, installed and commissioned RWE International Generator blackout baring system. This was designed to take over from the steam turbines once steam had stopped being produced. This allowed the generator rotor to slow down under a controlled environment, which let the rotor to cool and continue to rotate at a fixed 2 rpm until the system was cool enough to stop without diffracting.

System Obsolescence Management and Spares

TS247 is an industry leader in the repair and support of Obsolete Control Systems. With our vast experience of working with these Obsolete Control and Automation Systems, we are able to put in place a full support package of repair, purchase third party/refurbished components/parts and with our in-house design facility, we can re-manufacture or migrate to more modern equivalents within the same manufacture.

Maintenance and Support
  • Partial Discharge
  • EHV, HV secondary current injection
  • Gas charging and monitoring
  • SCADA interface and upgrade
  • RTU installation, upgrade and commissioning
  • RMU installation, upgrade and commissioning
  • HV and MV testing