Today’s marine fleets are using electrical motors and drives for more efficient use of their electrical generation.

TS247 has worked with many of the major shipping companies to improve the vessels’ performance with various efficiencies.

This has included many of the HVAC systems which require balancing so the whole vessel gets the correct temperature. Improving maintenance of the compressors and heat exchangers.

In particular on a DOF vessel which went to the Caribbean and then up to arctic off Canada.

Electrical winches are used for the deployment and recovery of ROV’s, diving bells and such. Using inverters, motor drives and soft starts instead of Star Delta/ Direct Drive controls.

TS247 has also replaced a number of electrical distribution cabinets that are sited in areas open to the elements. These new systems also update the units to the current regulations but also give the opportunity to communise components to go forward and no longer need to try to source redundant parts.

As TS247 is ATEX 1/SIL3 accredited, we can design and manufacture distribution and control systems in those environments which require accredited equipment.