DC Drives

Technical Solutions 24 Seven is the UK agent for Elettronica Santerno. The Santerno DC range covers a wide power range (up to 4500 amps) and incorporates 2 quadrant and 4 quadrant controllers.

The drives are available with extended warranties. As with all Santerno products “remote software” is available to allow remote programming and monitoring of the drive.

We can of course engineer and programme the drives to suit your application.

DC Drive

Power range from 10 A to 3500 A (2,4 kW – 2205 kW)

Wide power supply voltage range, 200 VAC – 690 VAC

Input frequency 50 – 60 Hz

Full digital


Technical Specifications
  • Self-calibration of current and speed (reduced possibility of error and installation time)
  • Self-calibration of field (reduced possibility of error and installation time)
  • Internal field converter (for operation in constant torque or power)
  • Field economy (reduced field current when motor is stopped)
  • Field boost (increased torque on motor start)
  • Predictive control (increased dynamic response of the motor)
  • Integrated multimeter
  • Speed multi-ramps
  • “S” ramps
  • Double speed loop with automatic adaptation
  • Feedback from tachometric dynamo, from encoder and armature
  • Automatic switching of the feedback to armature in the event of breakdown of dynamo/encoder (higher safety operation)
  • Control of the current limit in steps or hyperbolic
  • 7 levels of speedJOB commands
  • Auto-reset alarms
  • Integrated digital potentiometer
  • Timer on digital outputs
  • Local control from keyboard
  • Insensitivity to phase-rotation (for easy connection)
  • Independent supplies to control and power
  • 8 programmable inputs
  • 4 programmable analog inputs 0-±10 VDC, 0(4)-20 mA
  • Double encoder inputs Tacho input
  • 5 programmable relay outputs
  • Auxiliary 24 VDC, ±10 VDC, 5 VDC
  • 1 analog speed output ±10 VDC
  • 2 programmable analog ouputs 0-±10 VDC, 0(4)-20 mA
  • EMC compliant with EN 61800-3 2nd ed
  • Download Technical Specifications


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