Non Destructive Testing

Technical Solutions 24 Seven has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of NDT/NDE systems in a wide range of markets.


TS247 has been a leading supplier of NDT inspection systems equipment and support since 2000, offering services in various disciplines of these areas:

Ultrasonic Inspections

  • Conventional UT
  • Billet
  • Near Net Shape
  • Blade
  • Disk inspection
  • Composites

Muti‐Zone Ultrasonic Testing

  • Up to 16 channels of multi depth inspection
  • Full wave form capture
  • Full depth analysis
  • Signal to noise monitoring

Phased Array

  • Billet
  • Near Net Shape
  • Blade
  • Disk inspection
  • Composites

Eddy current

  • Near surface inspection
  • Crack detection


  • Corrosion detection
  • Impurities and inclusions

Thermal Imaging

  • GRP and Carbon fiber Bonding inspection
  • Honeycomb and interface inspection

18 meters of Billet Multi-zone inspection system:

  • Inspection length 18 metres
  • Billet diameter 600 mm
  • Up to 16 channels of probe focused multi‐zoned inspection
  • Full A scan wave form capture
  • C scan with channel overlay
  • Stop on defect
  • Return to defect

13 tonne 2500 mm disc inspection

  • Two side scan manipulators
  • Multi probe on each manipulator
  • Pulse echo or thru transmission
  • Part handling
  • 128 Channel Phased Array
  • Full A scan capture

Phased array disc inspection

  • Full contour following
  • Full A‐scan Capture
  • Array Generation and 3D modelling
  • Near net shape inspection
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