NDT inspection and support

Technical Solutions 24 Seven has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) systems in a wide range of markets. Since 2000 we have been a leading supplier of NDT inspection systems equipment and support offering services in various disciplines of these areas:

Ultrasonic Inspections
  • Conventional UT
  • Billet
  • Near Net Shape
  • Blade
  • Disk inspection
  • Composites
Muti‐Zone Ultrasonic Testing
  • Up to 16 channels of multi-depth inspection
  • Full waveform capture
  • Full-depth analysis
  • Signal to noise monitoring
Phased Array
  • Billet
  • Near Net Shape
  • Blade
  • Disk inspection
  • Composites
Eddy current
  • Near surface inspection
  • Crack detection
  • Corrosion detection
  • Impurities and inclusions
Thermal Imaging
  • GRP and carbon fiber 
  • Bonding inspection
  • Honeycomb and interface inspection

18 meters of Billet Multi-zone inspection system:

  • Inspection length 18 Metres
  • Billet diameter 600 mm
  • Up to 16 channels of probe focused multi‐zoned inspection
  • Full A scan waveform capture
  • C scan with channel overlay
  • Stop on defect
  • Return to defect

13 tonne 2500 mm disc inspection

  • Two side scan Manipulators
  • Multi probe on each Manipulator
  • Pulse echo or thru transmission
  • Part handling
  • 128 Channel Phased Array
  • Full A scan capture

Phased array disc inspection

  • Full contour following
  • Full A scan Capture
  • Array Generation and 3D modelling
  • Near net shape inspection

We have developed an ultrasonic evaluation process for the testing of material used in the manufacturing of aerospace components via a technique known as multi zone inspection. Pictured is our latest machine leaving our headquarters for the end customer. The testing machine consists of a stainless steel tank over seventeen metres long, one metre wide and one metre high. The tank is built into a steel framework and has a robot gantry that travels the full length of the machine. The total weight of the machine is 9 tonnes and when it is full of water (required for the ultrasonic’s) this increases to 19 tonnes.

Our skills were fully utilised on this project with all departments making a contribution. Electrical and mechanical design, software development, and motion control engineering. The complete system was constructed in-house and tested fully before being shipped to the end customer. The machine conforms to the latest highly stringent aerospace manufacturing standards and is capable of detecting flaws in the grain of the material and imperfections as small as 0.4mm.

Our main clients come from a variety of markets such as First Tier Motor Suppliers, Materials Processing, and Industrial Manufacturing.