• Partner

    Allen Bradley
  • Role

    Mechanical & electrical consultancy

We have recently completed a major £1.3million project in the oil and gas sector. We were asked to design and manufacture a control system for a winch system that is capable of being added to the side of an oil rig with a restricted amount of electrical power available. This was a very demanding project with many constraints that needed to be overcome. Only a limited amount of power was available for the winch system and to keep the motor within the specified consumption an inverter was used. This then presented the problem of using an inverter in a Zone 1 environment. This was overcome with the use of an Ex P enclosure. We worked closely with Allen Bradley on this project integrating their equipment and developing a user friendly interface for the final operator.

We believe that there is a large potential market for inverters in Zone 1 environments and we now have a ready made solution.