TS247 for many years support in the field not only our own installed equipment but with our vast knowledge of control systems we have maintained ,supported and installed 3 party equipment. Also whilst maintain equipment we increasingly cam a cross obsolescence which with our electronic division offered to facilitate repairs and obsolescence management.


Specializing in down to component level repair TS247 offers a electronic repair and service on a wide verity of equipment from single Circuits Boardsto full PLC control systems.


TS247 will look at and develop  Maintenance plans and procedures to ensure that you realise the most from your engineering assets  ensuring maximum Uptime and preventing uncontrolled  stoppages.

Site Services

TS247 has several disciplines of engineers that can work on site to help and support your own staff and systems or can work independently  to carry out onsite repairs and  maintenance as and when.


Repairs and Support

Repairing systems down to component level may be the only way that plant can be kept running due to long lead times , cost of new or obsolesce TS247 has invested in equipment and engineers to enable the repair and test of may peace’s of electronic equipment from complex PLC processors to Large HV variable speed drive control cards. Our policy is to 100% test the equipment to ensure confidence in our repairs however were that is not possible then COMMUNICATIONS is paramount to ensure that equipment under repair can be installed and tested with minimum disruption and with our own in house service team the repair can be also facilitated on site to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

System Obsolescence Management and Spares

TS247 is an industry leader in the repair and support of  Obsolete Control Systems with our vast experience of working with these  Obsolete Control and Automation Systems we are able to put in place either a  full support packages of repair and  or purchase of third party or refurbished components or parts and with our in house design facility we can re-manufacture or  migrate to new more modern equivalents  with in the same manufacturer.

Maintenance Management



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