Technical Solutions 24 Seven is the UK agent for Enertronica Santerno. Santerno range covers a wide power range and incorporates a number of different starters to suit all of the different applications. Simple cost effective two phase soft starts with very simple programming to fully featured digital soft starts with a wide range of programming options are available. We can engineer and programme the soft starts to suit your application.

SOFT START/STOP static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors up to 110kW

ASAC0 is the right solution to save space and keep costs under control.

ASAC1, besides the features of ASAC0, grant a reliable motor protection and current control.

Range 7.5 kW – 110 kW

Power supply voltage range: 200-440 VAC, 200-575 VAC

Internal Bypass Contactor

Input frequency 50-60 Hz

Technical Specifications

  • Compact dimensions
  • Internal bypass contactor
  • IP20 enclosure (<=ASAC 55)
  • 3 adjustments: initial start
    voltage, start ramp time, soft stop ramp time
  • 6 indications: no control
    power, ready, starter tripped, motor not running, motor running at full
    speed,  motor starting or stopping
  • 3 alarms: power circuit,
    supply frequency, communication failure
  • 2 digital inputs: start,
  • 1 output relay: main contactor
  • Local reset
  • Standard approvals: CE IEC
    60947-4-2, UL/CUL UL508, CSA 22.2 No14, C-tick AS/NZS3947-4-2, CISPR-11


  • 8 adjustments: motor FLC,
    current ramp, current limit, motor trip class, soft stop time, , excess
    start time, phase sequence protection, auxiliary relay function
  • 6 indications: no control
    power, ready, starter tripped, motor not running, Motor running at full
    speed, Motor starting or stopping
  • 8 alarms: power circuit,
    excess start time, motor overload, motor thermistor, phase imbalance,
    supply frequency, phase sequence, communication failure
  • 3 digital input: start,
    stop, motor thermistor probe
  • 2 output relay: Main
    contactor relay, Programmable relay

Options (ASAC0/ASAC1)

  • 24 VAC/VDC control power
  • Fast fuses
  • Remote control panel (RS485
    doubler, one 4-20 mA output)
  • Control supply transformer
    for input voltage >400 VCA
  • RS 232/485 converter
  • Serial communication port
    with MODBUS RTU DeviceNet, Profibus, ASI protocol

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SOFT START/STOP static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors up to 1500kW

Range: 12 A a 2361 A

Power supply voltage range: 200 VAC – 690 VAC

Input frequency: 50-60 Hz

Technical Specifications

  • 4 types of motor starting
    (constant current, current ramp, torque control, kickstart)
  • Stopping (soft stop, pump
    stop, soft braking,)
  • 3 wire and 6 wire connection
    (maximum 440 VAC for 6 wires connection)
  • IP54 protection degree
    (<=ASA 253)
  • Thermal motor protection
  • PTC motor thermistor input
  • Operation with and without
    by-pass contactor
  • Integrated multimeter
  • Trip log
  • Undercurrent protection
    (pumps’ anticavitation)
  • 5 digital inputs: start,
    stop, reset, motor thermistor, 1 programmable input
  • 4 relay outputs: 1 ramp end,
    3 programmable output
  • 1 programmable analog;
    output 4-20mA
  • RS485 serial communication
    with MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Standard approvals: CE: IEC
    60947-4-2     UL/CUL: UL508, CSA 22.2
    No14     C tech: AS/NZS3947-4-2, CISPR-11
  • ASA series has been
    developed to offer soft start solutions for marine industry

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