PLC/DCS and SCADA systems

PLC/DCS, SCADA, and other computer controlled systems at work for you, connecting your business to the technology of advanced control systems.

­ We have supplied for over 20 years bespoke PLC/DCS and SCADA integrated solutions to all major industry sectors. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to supply what our customers require we are able to provide the best economical solution to increase productivity and profitability.

As a leading supplier of automation and control systems, TS247 has ensured that it can provide the correct technical and financial package for your requirements. We offer a broad and varied manufacture solutions from the top PLC and automation manufactures and by ensuring our engineers are fully trained in their area of expertise, we can offer the right solutions every time.

SCADA and DCS programming

Our experience covers most SCADA and DCS systems including Siemens WinCC, T3000 and SPPA-T3000, ABB 800xA, GE OC 4000, 6000 and IFIX, Cimplicity, Rockwell PlantPAX, Schneider Wonder ware, InTouch, Emerson Delta V, and Honeywell TDS3000. 

TS247 are presently general electric intelligent platform integration partners with many years’ experience in producing Safety Integrity Level (SIL), 2 and 3 for integrated control and safety systems (ICSS) to adhere to IEC 61508 and 61511 standards and Alan Bradley (Rockwell) system partners.

PLC Controlled ESD and safety systems

TS247 has invested in the ability to provide safety integrity level (SIL) control system. These systems adhere to IEC 61508s, four standards with SIL 1 which is verified using an internal technical route, SIL 2 verification is awarded through our in-house engineers who are at arm’s length to the project. Our SIL 3 and SIL 4 control systems would have verification carried out be a Third Party appointed body.

We have designed, manufactured and successfully implemented several Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems on well control and BOP subsea valve arrangements and Fire and Gas systems for offshore installations is a true test of our ability and commitment.

Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning

Our major selling point is our ability to understand your business demands and what our user requirements are from the system and fully understand the URS to assess the best control method, safety, hazardous area and price requirements to enable a cost effective and maintainable system.

TS247 has invested in the ability to provide a full turnkey package. Our dedicated engineering staff has all the required qualification to enable installation and commissioning from offshore BOSIET training 18th Edition COMPEX and contractor safety certified engineers. We also have qualified training including working at height, confined space and IPAF qualified personnel.

System obsolescence management

TS247 is an industry leader in the modification, upgrade and migration of obsolete control software systems. With our vast experience of working on old control and automation systems, we are able to put in place full support packages, migrate the systems to a more modern equivalent within the same manufacture. Systems that do not function in a firm PLC or non-proprietary system can be used to interact with the installed I/O and remote devices action.